Wednesday, April 16, 2014

13 Months

I'm about ten days late taking and posting these, but that's ok because I said so!  I've been busy.

Mayhem is a little obsessed with belly buttons.  His, mine, Boots'.  It's kinda funny, but slightly weird too.

He started walking a few days ago.

His distance is increasing with his confidence every day.

Animal crackers are a new favorite snack.

He likes taking showers.  He laughs instead of cries when the water hits him now.

He still doesn't like stuffed animals, but the Scout he got for his birthday might be growing on him.  He will poke a baby doll in the eye in a heartbeat though!

He likes looking out the windows and the door.  Going outside, even to the mailbox, is a quick fix for a bad mood.

He's getting braver about petting the cat.  He sticks his hand out and says, "Oooh!" when he touches him.

He likes explaining things.  Loudly.  And not in English.

He's so silly!  Blowing and spitting and making a stink face.  He climbs and crawls all over everything and pile drives anything he can push.

Friday, April 11, 2014


TIHSK = Things I Have Successfully Killed

So...have you seen that commercial about the girl that kills all the plants?  That's me, except even Miracle Gro can't help.  Seriously, I use that crap (it really is) and there is zero improvement.  I need negative numbers to describe how improved things are.  I can't even begin to count the extreme number of vegetation I have put to death.  Unlucky bamboo plants, a willow tree a family gave me after a funeral, vegetables, sooo many terrariums, and I'm working on some sort of tiny house plant I got for $free since it didn't have a price sticker on it and it was my lucky day at Lowe's last August.  I just have a black thumb!  Here's my latest victim...

Nearly three years ago, Boots and I bought and planted this grafted rose tree (peach on one side, pink on the other).  I was going through a rose phase (going through? am I out of it yet?) and even though I knew they were difficult to raise? grow? I was determined to give it a go anyway.

I really liked that rose tree and thought maybe I was going to end my kill-streak.  For a while we really had a good thing going, this rose tree and I.  I fed it banana peels and tea grounds and was religious about deadheading.  But nothing lasts forever I guess.

I've always heard you should prune your roses, but I've been too scared lazy unsure to actually do it.  This year I was feeling brave.  I read some stuff on Pinterest, because that's the Information Supah Highway these days, and even read in an actual gardening book about how to prune and hopefully not kill.  I was veeery particular with my cuts on My Precious and not so particular with this rose bush Boots and I inherited with the house, dug up, and just haphazardly planted, certain it would die.  I just hacked at this sucker.

Apparently that's just what the doctor ordered!  There's no flowers yet, but this baby took off with fresh growth and leaves, all whooohooo!  And the other one shriveled and died...  In my defense, maybe it was the frost?  I don't know!

Yesterday while we were in Lowe's picking up a new air filter we strolled through the garden center (where all the plants tried their best to play possum in hopes that I wouldn't pick them) and I selected a new replacement for the rose tree.  It's right in my front door so I couldn't just let the carcass stay there forever.

My rambunctious assistant!

A few shovel-cuts and I just ripped this sucker right out of the ground!

Practicing to be my yard man when he's taller.

I have no idea what he's saying, but this kid talks all the time.  Jibber-jabbering and pointing at everything!

Meet "Endless Summer" Hydrangea!

I wasn't sure what to buy and was actually thinking about another blessed rose bush when Boots said, "What's that?" and a light bulb went off in my head!  A quick scan of the tag-- morning sun, afternoon shade-- and I knew it would be purrrrfect!

And since I have no idea what the pH of the soil is the color will be a surprise.  If it blooms.  If it doesn't die first.

It's at this point (lucky you) that my camera battery died. 

Several hours and a charge later...  I transplanted about half of what I think are orange daylillies in hopes that they will like this new location better (more sun) and bloom more this year.  

This is the first year the irises have bloomed and I am so excited!  I can't wait!

I pulled up whatever crap that was we planted around the mailbox last August (that died) and loaded 'er up with more lillies.

And now The Survivor has a little breathing room.

Here's something else I haven't killed yet!  I have five (out of the original ten) white crepe myrtles that Meme gave me still kickin' it along the fence in the backyard.

This one I have to pet because the kudzu is determined to strangle it.

I gave everything a good watering and a quick prayer for longevity so we'll see what happens.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's Haircut Time!


Mayhem's been looking a little fuzzy lately.


I've already given him two trims over the ears, but it's been bugging me and I wanted to really cut his hair.  I'm not the type that cries when he gets shots so cutting his "baby hair" hasn't bothered me at all.  It's just hair, it grows back!

I've kinda got a thing for cutting hair.  I cut my dog's hair, Boots' hair, my uncle's hair, my cousin's hair, my brother-in-law's hair.  Mayhem is my latest (and youngest) follicular victim.  I'm not really good at cutting hair, I just like it.  Sort of how I like cutting grass and pulling weeds.  Instant gratification.


So I busted out the clippers!  Boots helped me entertain him and occasionally hold his head steady.


It is nowhere near perfect and it's got this reverse mullet thing going on.  (Party in the front, business in the back!)  I kinda wanted it that way.  Didn't want to cut it all.


How does he know how to comb his hair?!?!

Friday, March 21, 2014


It's official!  Spring is here!  I knew it was coming two weeks ago when I started hearing the birds singing at 5:30 in the morning before the sun even comes up.  Twitterpatted birds are so encouraging when you're tired of being cooped up all winter and are ready for sun and sweat.

The weather this week has been perfectly springy and Mayhem and I have spent every afternoon outside after his (...our) nap. 

This weather has drawn us out like the bees to this tree. 

He plays on my old yoga mat with some toys that aren't really toys (empty pasta box, measuring cup, metal box Boots' new wallet came in) while I putter around the yard cutting the grass, digging in the garden, and planting carrot seeds that will most likely never grow after this joint gets all Sherwood Forest-y in a few weeks.  But dirt under my nails makes me feel better.

Today I decided to join him on the mat with an old blanket and my camera to just relax instead of work.

While I was soaking up a few rays (fully clothed, mind you, because drones!) he marched plastic animals across my back like a human land bridge.

He's so silly these days!  Slobbery kisses all over your face and giggling like a deranged monkey because he's finally getting brave enough to stand up and let go for a few seconds.

I'm so excited about all the fun that awaits us!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Excessive Accumulation

Sometimes I have these super-organizing crazed fits (usually after watching Hoarders, because y'all, being buried alive by your possessions is scary!) and I'll go through various drawers and rooms of the house bagging up things in a million little bags to donate to the Methodist church's thrift store. 

One thing I've learned in a year of Mayhem- babies are not minimalists.  There is so. much. stuff. that comes with children!  All the different stages of clothes and equipment and toys!  And you can't get rid of anything because you're going to need it for your next baby.   So as the kid grows you accumulate more and more stuff and run out of space for it, but have no choice but to pack your closets and attic to the point of probably being unsafe to stand near.  Or get rid of everything and then buy it all again a few years later. 

Cue my blank/"Are-you-serious" stare over the top of my glasses.

A few months ago I read that to encourage creativity, kids only really need 20-40 toys to play with.  Sounds good to me.  I want Mayhem to be creative one day and see no reason for there to be 9,478 stuffed animals and plastic cars everywhere.  Plus see above sentence about organizing. 

So I periodically go through his things and count out 40 toys (I'm a maximum of the minimum kinda girl) excluding blocks and books.  Everything else gets tucked away under his bed and in the closet and forgotten about until I decide to do it again and swap things out.  This keeps things interesting for him I think and as minimalist as possible for me.

I've even got a few birthday presents that haven't been played with and are waiting for the right time of boredom to strike.

Did you do this with your kid(s) or were you more relaxed than me? Haha

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mayhem's First Birthday Party

  Prepare yourself: we took 443 pictures Saturday and I have ruthlessly cut them down to 43.  That's still a lot and your device may implode with the download so be warned!


Go forth and birthday party!

He really didn't want to stick his fingers in the cake at first.

I think he decided the taste was worth the mess though.


Spoon banging...

Ice cream was not a big hit for him, too cold!


Oh, thank you!

He immediately picked the cup up and stuck it in his mouth!

This was and is a lot of fun.

We're still working on him not running over his feet.